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Is it true that used rack doesn't calc?

That's a completely false statement propagated by our competitors and new rack manufacturers. We have an engineering firm that we work with on a daily basis to calc our used and new rack systems. This is a vital part of the permitting process that cities require in order for companies to legally install used or new rack systems.

How rusty is the used rack that you sell?

You can expect some surface rust on our entire used inventory. When the product contains more than surface rust we may offer a slight discount. What you can count on is the structural integrity of our product. If it isn't structurally sound we send it to the scrap yard. Last year we sent over 500,000 pounds of rack to the scrap yard.

How much can I save by purchasing used Pallet Racking?

In general, you can expect to save between 25 - 50% when purchasing used rack from the Rusty Rack Guys.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Payment is due on receipt of material. A deposit is required on material that is ordered directly from a manufacturer. One of the many quotes from our office walls reads:

Our easy credit plan:

  • - 100% down
  • - Nothing to pay each month
  • - And Free Local Delivery for orders over $500

What is your return policy?

We strive for no returns, however, we do accept returns within 10 days of purchase. There's a 20% restocking fee associated with all returns.

Can a hold be placed on material for customers?

Our inventory is first come first serve. We go through our inventory so fast that by the time an on hold item was picked up we could have sold it two or three times over again.

Do you sell car racks?

Do you sell car racks?
No, we don't sell car racks.
For Car and Truck Racks contact IDA - Independent Dealer Accessories
1213 4th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032
They carry a complete line of accessories.

What color rack do you sell?

Our used inventory comes in one color...USED. We try to match up orders so that all the beams are one color and all uprights are one color, however, we don't guarantee the color you'll receive or that the material will be color-coded at all. If the color is an issue for you we recommend purchasing from our new rack inventory. Our new rack comes in a nice dark green (uprights) and bright orange (beams).

What is the quickest way for a customer to get their invoice canceled?

There are many ways to get an order canceled. The fastest include not picking up your material in a timely fashion, not paying as agreed, and returning a used item because of its color.

Where do you get your used inventory from?

Wouldn't you like to know :)

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