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Pallet Jacks - Available Used or New

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New Mighty Lift Pallet Jacks 27" x 48" : Currently Unavailable.

Easy to use:

  • The steering wheels and fork rollers have a polyurethane tread giving a good loading capacity and requiring minimum effort to move.
  • The hydraulic pump control lever has three positions (lift, neutral, lower) and is well protected inside the rounded handle of the steering column, which automatically returns to a neutral position when released.


  • The chassis and forks are welded to ensure that the pallet truck is completely level.
  • The hydraulic pump is made of high strength steel with a chromium-plated piston. It is 100% tested. There is a mechanical stop to protect the pump from overloading.
  • The shafts have lubrication points.
  • The Pioneer is protected by a double coating of acrylic paint applied after sandblasting treatment.

Used Pallet Jacks

  • Our inventory of used pallet jacks is always changing, so please contact one of our sales representatives for details on what's currently available.
  • Our used pallet jacks start at $175.00.